The unprotected class strikes back

By Iowans for LIFE

unprotected class

Wall Street Journal columnist, Peggy Noonan, made an astute observation four years ago. There are two classes in this country: the protected class and the unprotected class. In Noonan’s words:

“The protected make public policy. The unprotected live in it. The unprotected are starting to push back, powerfully.

The protected are the accomplished, the secure, the successful—those who have power or access to it. They are protected from much of the roughness of the world. More to the point, they are protected from the world they have created. Again, they make public policy and have for some time.”

Members of the protected class

The protected class includes the Big Media, academia, the entertainment industrial complex, Silicon Valley, and the Democratic Party. Their polling companies told us that the pro-abortion candidates they lavishly supported with their lucre were going to win the White House, retake the Senate, build bigger majorities in the House, and regain control of state legislatures across the land.

By contrast, the ultimate unprotected class are the unborn, the innocent victims of so much of the seething rage that defines the political Left in this country.

Protectors of Big Abortion poured millions into the Iowa Senate race, providing the abortion candidate, Theresa Greenfield, a $12 million edge over the pro-life candidate, Joni Ernst. Despite huge donations for Greenfield funneled into Iowa by coastal elites, Joni Ernst won her reelection campaign decisively.

The unprotected class strikes back!

Even more, Iowa Republicans increased their advantage in the Iowa House from 53 to 47 to 59 to 41, as they picked up six seats, while maintaining their whopping 32 – 18 advantage in the Senate.

Suddenly, the possibility of passing a Protect Life Amendment is back on the table. Iowans for LIFE will be at the forefront of this movement.

Big Media’s prognosticators gushed about a “Blue Wave” that would start with the presidency and wash over the the state legislatures of the land. Again, they were wrong.

Republicans pick up control of 4 more states

Republicans came into the election controlling both houses of 28 state legislatures. After this week, those numbers have increased to 32 states now controlled by the pro-life party, the most ever by Republicans.

This is significant. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute:

“More than one-quarter of the 1,074 state abortion restrictions since Roe v. Wade were enacted between 2011 and 2015.”

Those dates coincide with a Republican surge in state legislatures when the pro-life party picked up 816 legislative seats nationally and 13 governorships, beginning with the 2010 elections. In other words, serious pro-life legislation is taking place at the state level, and the 2020 election will build on that trend.

Pro-lifers will control redistricting in more states

Even more, these are the legislatures that will control redistricting prior to the 2022 elections. Politico said this gives Republicans a big advantage:

“The results could domino through politics in America, helping the GOP draw favorable congressional and state legislative maps by ensuring Democrats remain the minority party in key state legislatures. Ultimately, it could mean more Republicans in Washington — and in state capitals.

By Wednesday night, Democrats had not flipped a single statehouse chamber in its favor. And it remained completely blocked from the map-making process in several key states — including Texas, North Carolina and Florida, which could have a combined 82 congressional seats by 2022 — where the GOP retained control of the state legislatures.”

All of this is good news for pro-lifers who want to elect public servants who actually stand up for the unprotected class.

MSNBC’s Joe Reid views election results through the prism of racism

MSNBC’s Joe Reid viewed could only view the ‘red wave’ through the prism of racism:

“I think even though we intellectually understand what America is at its base, right? That there is a great amount of racism, anti-blackness, anti-wokeness, this idea that political correctness is some sort of scheme to destroy white America, right? Like, we know what this country is, but still part of you — I think part of your heart says, ‘You know what, maybe the country’s going to pay off all of this pain,’”

“As the night went on, and I realized, and it sunk in, OK that’s not happening. We are still who we thought, unfortunately. It’s disappointing. I emerge from this disappointed.”

She has no clue how the loathing of abortion affects the vote in this country. President Trump has been the most pro-life president in history. And despite four years of racially-tinged slurs directed at the president AND his supporters, by the protected class, Mr. Trump’s support among Hispanic and Black voters increased this cycle, according to exit polling.

The profound impact of President Trump

Whether President Trump pulls this election out or not, his impact is profound, as Politico reported:

“It’s clear that Trump isn’t an anchor for the Republican legislative candidates. He’s a buoy,” said Christina Polizzi, a spokesperson for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, on Wednesday. “He over performed media expectations, Democratic and Republican expectations, and lifted legislative candidates with him.”

Decent Americans are fed up at being called racist, un-woke, and anti-woman by the protected class.

Decent Americans are fed up at being judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character by these coastal elites.

Decent Americans have had enough of the culture of death.

The unprotected class strikes back. It’s about time.

[Iowans for LIFE is the original pro-life group in Iowa. Support their pro-life educational outreach with your donation today.


2020 Election Results:

Iowa Senate~ 32 Republicans/18 Democrats:

  • Picked Up (1) Seat- District 42; (R) Jeff Reichman defeated (D) Rich Taylor
  • Lost (1) Seat- District 22; (D) Sarah Trone Garriott defeated (R ) Cirksena
  • District 2 (R) Jeff Taylor
  • District 4 (R) Dennis Guth
  • District 6 (R) Craig Steven Williams
  • District 8 (R) Dan Dawson
  • District 10 (R) Jake Chapman
  • District 12 (R) Mark Costello
  • District 14 (R) Amy Sinclair
  • District 16 (D) Nate Boulton
  • District 18 (D) Janet Petersen
  • District 20 (R) Brad Zaun
  • District 24 (R) Jesse Green
  • District 26 (R) Waylon Brown
  • District 28 (R) Mike Klimesh
  • District 30 (D) Eric Giddens
  • District 32 (R) Craig Johnson
  • District 34 (D) Liz Mathis
  • District 36 (R) Jeff Edler
  • District 38 (R) Dawn Driscoll
  • District 40 (R) Ken Rozenboom
  • District 44 (R) Tim Goodwin
  • District 46 (R) Mark S. Lofgren
  • District 48 (R) Dan Zumbach
  • District 50 (D) Pam Jochum

Iowa House of Representatives~59 Republicans/41 Democrats: (pick up of 6 seats to R’s)

  • District 1 (R) John H. Wills
  • District 2 (R) Megan Jones
  • District 3 (R) Dennis Bush
  • District 4 (R) Skyler Wheeler
  • District 5 (R) Thomas Jeneary
  • District 6 (R) Jacob Bossman
  • District 7 (R) Henry Stone
  • District 8 (R) Terry Baxter
  • District 9 (R) Ann Meyer
  • District 10 (R) Mike Sexton
  • District 11 (R) Gary Worthan
  • District 12 (R) Brian Best
  • District 13 (D) Chris Hall
  • District 14 (D) Steve Hansen
  • District 15 (D) Charlie McConkey
  • District 16 (R) Brent Siegrist
  • District 17 (R) Matt Windschitl
  • District 18 (R) Steven Holt
  • District 19 (R) Carter Nordman
  • District 20 (R) Ray Bubba Sorensen
  • District 21 (R) Tom Moore
  • District 22 (R) Jon Jacobsen
  • District 23 (R) David Sieck
  • District 24 (R) Cecil Solecheck
  • District 25 (R) Stan Gustafson
  • District 26 (R) Brooke Boden- Pick Up for R
  • District 27 (R) Joel Fry
  • District 28 (R) Jon Thorup
  • District 29 (D) Wes Breckenridge
  • District 30 (R) Brian Lohse
  • District 31 (D) Rick Olson
  • District 32 (D) Ruth Ann Gaines
  • District 33 (D) Brian Meyer
  • District 34 (D) Bruce Hunter
  • District 35 (D) Ako Abdul-Samad
  • District 36 (D) Marti Anderson
  • District 37 (R) John Landon
  • District 38 (R) Garrett Gobble- Pick Up for R
  • District 39 (R) Eddie Andrews- Pick Up for R
  • District 40 (D) John Forbes
  • District 41 (D) Jo Oldson
  • District 42 (D) Kristin Sunde
  • District 43 (D) Jennifer Konfrst
  • District 44 (D) Kenan Judge
  • District 45 (D) Beth Wessel-Kroeschell
  • District 46 (D) Ross Wilburn
  • District 47 (R) Phil Thompson
  • District 48 (R) Robert Bacon
  • District 49 (R) Dave Deyoe
  • District 50 (R) Pat Grassley
  • District 51 (R) Jane Bloomingdale
  • District 52 (D) Todd Prichard
  • District 53 (D) Sharon Steckman
  • District 54 (R) Shannon Latham
  • District 55 (R) Michael Bergan
  • District 56 (R) Anne Osmundson
  • District 57 (R) Shannon Lundgren
  • District 58 (R) Steven Bradley- Pick Up for R
  • District 59 (D) Bob Kressig
  • District 60 (D) Dave Williams
  • District 61 (D) Timi Brown-Powers
  • District 62 (D) Ras Smith
  • District 63 (R) Sandy Salmon
  • District 64 (R) Chad Ingels- Pick Up for R
  • District 65 (D) Liz Bennett
  • District 66 (D) Art Staed
  • District 67 (D) Eric Gjerde -Pick up for D (Hinson’s former seat)
  • District 68 (D) Molly Donahue
  • District 69 (D) Kirsten Running-Marquardt
  • District 70 (D) Tracy Ehlert
  • District 71 (D) Sue Cahill
  • District 72 (R) Dean Fisher
  • District 73 (R) Bobby Kaufmann
  • District 74 (D) Dave Jacoby
  • District 75 (R) Thomas Gerhold
  • District 76 (Rish) David Maxwell
  • District 77 (D) Amy Nielsen
  • District 78 (R) Jarad Klein
  • District 79 (R) Dustin Hite
  • District 80 (R) Holly Brink
  • District 81 (R) Cherielynn Westrich- Pick Up for R
  • District 82 (R) Jeff Shipley
  • District 83 (R) Martin Graber- Pick up for R
  • District 84 (R) Joe Mitchell
  • District 85 (D) Christina Bohannan
  • District 86 (D) Mary Mascher
  • District 87 (D) Dennis Cohoon
  • District 88 (R) David Kerr
  • District 89 (D) Monica Kurth
  • District 90 (D) Cindy Winckler
  • District 91 (R) Mark Cisneros
  • District 92 (R) Ross Paustian
  • District 93 (D) Phyllis Thede
  • District 94 (R) Gary Mohr
  • District 95 (R) Charlie McClintock
  • District 96 (Rish) Lee Hein
  • District 97 (R) Norlin Mommsen
  • District 98 (D) Mary Wolfe
  • District 99 (D) Lindsay James
  • District 100 (D) Charles Isenhart

Constitutional Convention- No

All Iowa Supreme & District Court Judges were retained

US Senate/Representative Seats:

  • Senator Joni Ernst defeats Theresa Greenfield
  • Representative Randy Feenstra defeats J.D. Scholten-District 4
  • Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks defeats Rita Hart- District 2
  • Representative Cindy Axne defeats former Representative David Young-District 3
  • Representative Ashley Hinson defeats Abby Finkenauer- District 1

U.S. House District 8: Debbie Lesko


U.S. House District 3: Lauren Boebert

U.S. House District 4: John Rutherford

U.S. House District 27: Maria Salazar

U.S. House District 3: Kat Cammack
State House District 24: Paul Renner
State Senate District 7: Travis Hutson


U.S. House District 14: Majorie Taylor Greene


U.S. House District 15: Mary Miller


U.S. House District 10: Lisa McClain


U.S. House District 7: Michelle Fischbach


Governor: Greg Gianforte
U.S. Senate: Steve Daines
U.S. House District MT-AL: Matt Rosendale

New Mexico

U.S. House District 2: Yvette Herrell

New York

U.S. House District 11: Nicole Mallotakis

North Carolina

U.S. Senate: Thom Tillis
U.S. House District 7: David Rouzer
State House District 26: Donna White


U.S. House District 5: Stephanie Bice

South Carolina

U.S. House District 1: Nancy Mace


U.S. House District 1: Diana Harshbarger


U.S. House District 21: Chip Roy

Amendment 1, stating abortion is not a “right” and blocks taxpayer funding for abortion-PASSED!


  1. Shawn Pavlik on November 18, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    Why do people keep voting AGAINST a Constitutional Convention? I would like to vote on amendments for things like a Balanced Budget, a Life Amendment, and for term limits (12 years) for House and Senate.

    • Tom Quiner on November 18, 2020 at 6:57 pm

      I voted no on it, Shawn, because a Constitutional Convention could easily get out of control. I’d be concerned of the Left getting control of it and cramming through anti-life, anti-freedom measures.

      • David on February 5, 2021 at 5:36 pm

        Kind of like they are doing right now without a constitutional convention.