More Democrats deny democracy

By Tom Quiner

Indiana Democrats have followed the lead of Wisconsin Democrats and have fled their state.

They don’t have the votes to block pending fiscal responsibility legislation proposed by their Republican counterparts, legislation that requires teachers and state union members to pay more for their benefits, kind of like the rest of us have to do.

The issue is simple: state governments are getting buried in mountains of debt. Unfunded liabilities for public employee pensions and the rising cost of health insurance have become unsustainable.

These states, like Iowa, have some great public employees providing valuable services to their respective states.

But cuts have got to be made for the sake of our kids. ¬†They’re the ones who will end up footing a lot of these bills. They’re the ones who will have to substantially lower their standards of living to pay for these excessive perks.

Tough decisions have got to be made to be responsible to all taxpayers in these great states. And tough decisions require that a vote take place. Otherwise, the problems don’t go away, they just get worse.

Democrats lost at the ballot box last November throughout the country. The overriding concern seemed to be fiscal responsibility. Republicans are doing something about it, and the decisions are tough and unpopular.

Democrats make a mockery of their party’s name by taking away the people’s vote by running and hiding when the going gets tough.