What’s the difference between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama?

By Tom Quiner


Yesterday was Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.

I thought about him during the Super Bowl last night when the NFL presented the Declaration of Independence as narrated by General Colin Powell and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, which I have posted above.

Messrs. Reagan and Obama view the Declaration through such a different prism. Mr. Reagan’s take on fundamental rights is more in line with Founding Fathers Jefferson, Adams, and Madison than Mr. Obama, who categorically rejects the notion of a God-given right to life.

But there is another fundamental difference between the two men. Mr. Reagan views the American people as being smart.

Mr. Obama views the American people as being dumb.

How else does one explain President Obama’s overreach in his expansion of the federal government in our lives?

We yokels with our guns and Bibles need the nanny state, as administered by Washington elites, to take care of us is the view of Mr. Obama.

Ronald Reagan worked valiantly at getting government off our back. He thought we were more capable of figuring out how to spend our money than the government was.

Mr. Obama has inserted the federal government into our lives in ways the Founding Fathers never intended. He has signed legislation that will fine us, and even imprison us us, if we don’t buy a certain product, health insurance, whether we want it or not.

He takes our tax money and uses it to pay for abortions.

Mr. Reagan was often portrayed as being not very smart by liberals and the media. And yet look at how he changed the world. Communism crumbled. The economy boomed. Jobs were created. America got richer from bottom to top.

Ronald Reagan looked up to the American people.

Barack Obama looks down at the American people from his lofty perch.

President Reagan had a wisdom and leadership style that changed the world for the better.

We salute you, Ronald Reagan, on your 100th birthday!