ABC launches new TV show: Good Muslim *&%@#%!

By Tom Quiner

ABC is about to unveil a new dramedy (part drama, part comedy) called Good Muslim Bitches.  The executive producer is Darren Star who also brought us Sex in the City.

The plot centers on the life of a reformed Muslim “mean girl” who returns home to New York City only to find herself the subject of malicious gossip from the Muslim community there.

The network’s tagline for the show is: “For Heaven’s sake, don’t let Allah get in the way of a good story.”

Have you soaked in the impact of what you just read?

It’s not totally true. If it were, people connected with the show would be murdered by Muslim extremists.

In reality, no network would consider launching a “dramedy” that disparages Islam. However, they are quite comfortable doing just that if the show disparages Christianity. For in fact, the show to which I referred above is actually called “Good Christian Bitches.”

It portrays Christian women as catty and hypocritical.

Are you okay with this? I’m not. As Melissa Henson, director of of communications and public education for the Parents’ Television Council says:

“In the past, we’ve raised concerns about changing language standards for television. Once a particular profanity or obscenity has been embraced by a particular show, it quickly becomes mainstream.”

Yana Walton from the Women’s Media Center goes further:

“It is not an appropriate term to use to describe any woman, regardless of their faith. Entertainment media, especially music and films, have been normalizing misogynistic language for years.”

One entertainment expert brushes all of this off as just a little prime time “self-deprecation” since most of ABC’s viewers are supposedly Christian.

I don’t.  I consider it a frontal attack on Christianity. Let ABC know that this type of “entertainment” is offensive to people of faith.