The flawed rationale for abortion

By Rhonda Phillips

Proponents for abortion often punctuate their argument with the verb ‘wanted’.  But, pro-aborts have had over 38 years to weed out all the ‘unwanted people’.  Actually, the disease of ‘unwantedness’ was conjured up by the abortion industry in order to create a market for their product.   Frankly, if we put our minds to it we could solve a lot of other problems by implementing this “death-as-a-solution” philosophy.  For instance, if death were the acceptable way to end poverty, then let’s kill the poor.  The fact is, killing people to solve social problems is not only morally indefensible, it doesn’t work.  It is, rather, the ultimate act of selfishness.

Finally, if contraception, comprehensive sex-education and governmental ‘nurturing’ is the panacea it’s claimed to be, why have 52 million babies (and counting) died from abortion in the U.S., why are STDs at pandemic levels, and why do people still suffer from poverty?

[Thanks to guest columnist, Rhonda Phillips, for her contribution to Quiner’s Diner. She sites as source material “On Message” by Mark Crutcher.]