This video will turn you against abortion

By Tom Quiner


The abortion debate comes down to this:

Liberals say babies are expendable and deserve no legal protection as long as they’re in the womb. Conservatives say they’re indispensable whether they’re in the womb or not and deserve legal protections.

Which leads me to this video. No it’s not a gory depiction of a baby’s body getting ripped apart by an abortionist’s weapons tools. Rather, it is a video of a baby exhibiting pure, human delight at something silly: a piece of paper getting torn up.

The world needs more laughter, doesn’t it? I don’t mean the kind of laughter you hear from a Charlie Sheen sitcom where the humor is grounded in vulgarity.

The world needs to revel in the simple joy of a baby’s delight in things we take for granted. How can we allow the destruction of such innocent creatures? They represent the essence of who we human beings are: creatures that delight in simply being alive.