Will Vice President Biden call for the President’s impeachment?

By Tom Quiner


Joe Biden said he would call for the President’s impeachment if he took us into another war without Congressional approval.

He said he consulted with five constitutional scholars who helped draft a treatise calling for impeachment should the President take such an action.

He was adamant, even furious, in his eloquence that it would be absurd to go into a country without cause when our troops are already spread thin. Take a minute to listen to his remarks above.

Of course, that was Senator Biden talking.  He was talking about President Bush.

Now we don’t hear a peep out of Vice President Biden as our current President, who happens to be of his party, involves us in Libya’s civil war.

Mr. Vice President, back then you told us you don’t use words lightly. But in light of an absence of fire and brimstone speeches from you today, it’s fair to ask:  were you just feigning your anger back then?  Was your speech just a bunch of cynical campaign rhetoric?

It’s hard to think otherwise.


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  1. maxine bechtel on March 24, 2011 at 7:44 am

    Again, WHERE is the “Lamestream” Media?? Their fierce support of the Obama Regime is certainly eroding any credibility they might have after managing the news to make the Democrats look good for the past several disastrous years! Anyone with one ounce of brain-power would know that Biden has a serious case of “Foot-in-mouth” disease! Remember the brouhaha made over Dan Quayle’s misspelling of Potato? Big Media surely knows how to do their job when a conservative is involved!