Is a bonfire the moral equivalent of mass murder?

By Tom Quiner

A man burns a book many people love.

He video tapes and broadcasts the event around the world.

He adds subtitles to be sure his intended target can read it.

The response to those upset with the book burning?  Mass murder.  Beheadings. All done to strangers.

Let us not dwell on details. Is there any moral equivalence to the two events?  In other words, is a book-burning, regardless of the book, EVER morally equivalent to mass murder?

In other words, if someone burned the Christian Bible, does that justify Christians killing and beheading people?

If someone burned Atlas Shrugged, does that justify Objectivists and other members of an Ayn Rand Cult going out on a beheading spree?

The answer is yes, the actions are morally equivalent in the eyes of two groups, Muslims and American liberals, if the book being burned is the Koran. For that is what just happened on April 1st. Muslims were upset with a no-name, goof-ball preacher named Terry Jones who burned the Koran. Their response? Why go out and kill U.N. workers and cut off their heads.  Four folks are dead.  Two lost their heads.

Joe Klein is a liberal who writes for Time Magazine. He made it clear that Preacher Jones’ actions were just as bad as the murderous mob of Muslims:

“There should be no confusion about this: Jones’s act was murderous as any suicide bomber’s.”

There of course is no similarity in the two acts except in the eyes of modern moral barbarians, such as Islamic extremists and American liberals.



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  1. william wallace on April 12, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Nobody burned a copy of the bible
    that did not stop // the Americans
    British / abandoning international
    as domestic law/ thus invasion of
    the middle east/the setting up of
    more pupet govts. In the process
    hundreds of thousands /muslims
    killed/ man woman / child killed
    none shown mercy / compassion.

    That your focusing on a few killed
    thus you miss the many hundreds
    of thousands that be slaughtered
    but show your a unknowing 24/7
    victim of // media/brainwashing.