Planned Parenthood’s most-hated investigative journalist is coming to Des Moines

 By Lisa Bourne


For those who may not be aware, Lila Rose is the founder of the organization Live Action.

Lila Rose, President of Live Action

A visit to yields the group’s description of itself as a youth-led pro-life movement for human rights.

Live Action has been responsible for numerous videos exposing Planned Parenthood for corruption and repeated illegal activity. There’s plenty to see out on the Internet.

What’s sad is that it’s taken the exposure of broken laws to finally bring attention to the business plan of the largest abortion provider in the U.S.: the taking of human life for profit.

In addition, Planned Parenthood has been working under the radar to use Iowa as its national bullpen for the dangerous and illegal practice of telemed abortion. This is where drugs are administered to mothers through a remote push-button system and a physician is not present at the time the drug is given, and certainly not later when the mother delivers the aborted child.

You’d think that its making money by taking life and putting women at risk would be enough to remove the abortion behemoth from its spot at the trough of taxpayer subsidy.

While it’s sad that Planned Parenthood gets away with all that it does, what’s really cool is that it is young people propelling Live Action, and ever increasingly, the pro-life battle in general.

And remember, it is young people who appear to have the best command of the new media.

There is a joke about Pope John Paul II raising the parents of the current crop of youth right (after the fact!). God bless the late pontiff for, among many things, being media savvy.  This younger generation can continue to harness the media for truth.

It’s Iowa, 2011. Leroy Carhart is knocking at the door. Legislation has been held up that would save lives in Iowa.

To be clear, if Carhart is allowed to come in, many lives will be lost as Iowa gets turned into the Midwest destination for his late-term abortion mill.

The states surrounding Iowa have enacted fetal-pain legislation that will save unborn children from abortion from the age of 20- weeks on, the very reason Carhart is looking to Iowa in the first place. If the state does not follow suit, in he comes and with him traffic for his abortion mill from Iowa’s neighboring states.

There is a lot of prayer going on out there to stop abortionist Carhart from furthering his grisly trade in Iowa. And even if it’s God’s plan that he not be stopped here now legislatively, I have a feeling Lila Rose and Live Action will still be fighting for life on the national stage.

Consider coming to hear Lila Rose speak at the Iowa Right to Life Committee’s Spring Fling. The annual event is the fundraiser for the organization. You can support some of the people fighting this on the ground.  At the same time you would hear from the young woman at the heart of pulling the curtain off the illusion of Planned Parenthood as the benevolent organization that supports women.

The event is Thursday, April 28 at the Holiday Inn-Des Moines Airport. Dinner is at 6:30 p.m. and the program begins at 7:15. Information is available at and 515.244.1012. They’d like to hear from you by April 25.

Be prepared for a captivating presentation!

In the meantime, I may have to inquire with Planned Parenthood to see about scheduling my next mammogram.

[Thanks to Lisa Bourne for contributing this article to Quiner’s Diner. Ms. Bourne is a Catholic journalist and pro-life wife and mother. For more information on Lila Rose and Live Action, see our post from May 13th, 2010.]