The Democratic Party will go to the mat for abortion

By Tom Quiner

Tom Quiner and friends pray for life outside of Planned Parenthood

The President and his party believe in the public option when it comes to health insurance.

They believe in more taxes for the top producers.

They believe Guantanamo should be closed.

They’re against warrantless wiretaps.

They despise spending restraint.

They rail against indefinite detention of terrorist suspects.

And in particular, they are adamant: no more wars against arab dictators.

They have flip-flopped on all of these issues.

However, there is one on which they will not budge: their unwavering support for Planned Parenthood; their belief that abortion rights are sacred and must be maintained, if not expanded. To that aim, the president has appointed two pro-abortion judges to the Supreme Court. He has appointed the pro-abortion Kathleen Sibelius to the Department of Human Services.

Abortion is the core value of the Democratic Party.

It’s no wonder. Planned Parenthood is a big financial supporter of Democratic candidates having contributed $1.7 million over the last two election cycles.

In exchange, Democrats give the money back to Planned Parenthood to the tune of $360 million a year in taxpayer subsidies.

What is the single biggest issue on the minds of Americans these days? Spending restraint.

What is the single biggest issue on the minds of the President and his party? Abortion, regardless of the state of our financial house. The President and his party were willing to shut down the government over this single issue.

In fairness to Democrats, they do care about life. Here in Iowa, they have made it a criminal offense to kill an Iowa Pleistocene Land Snail or a Higgins Eye, both of which are on the endangered species list. You can be fined up to $50,000 and even go to jail for killing these life forms.

But they refuse to protect human life. Just the opposite.

They insist on taking money from taxpayers to help pay for abortions by funding Planned Parenthood. Did you know that 97% of pregnant women who enter Planned Parenthood are no longer pregnant when they leave?

I saw in the morning edition of The Des Moines Register that Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is planning on building a dozen new clinics in Iowa and Nebraska over the next few years.

Abortion is big business.

Planned Parenthood pays Democrats in exchange for ongoing taxpayer support.

Democrats will go to the mat for one issue, and one issue only: abortion.

Can Republicans say the same?

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  1. maxine bechtel on April 16, 2011 at 7:49 am

    THANK YOU, TOM! Even though these facts are obvious, they need to be loudly heralded, since there are so many mind-numbed robots who glibly swallow all the biased liberal tripe being spouted by Big Media and the Dems such as: “Republicans/the Religious Right want to kill women,” “To abort or not to abort should be between the women and her Doctor,” Yadadadada, Ad infinitum!