What happens when one party controls the purse-strings?

By Tom Quiner


What happens when one party controls the ability to spend taxpayer’s money too long?

California happens.

Democrats have controlled the legislature since 1996. According to WikiAnswers:

“They have been in complete control of setting the legislative agenda and appointing the membership of every legislative committee, including those that deal with health care, transportation, education, aging, public safety, budget, taxes, and revenue.”

Is California better off for it? No. The state is reeling. Spending is out of control. People are leaving the state in droves.

The video above reveals the most obvious problem: Democrats have voted lavish benefits for public employee unions at taxpayer expense in exchange for votes. California is the most egregious example of out-of-control spending.

It’s time for us to tighten our belts with spending restraint at all levels of government.