Is lying the real offense in Weinergate?

By Tom Quiner

Some liberals claim that the scandal of Anthony Weiner is that he lied about what he did.

Oh, really.

Suppose he came forward on day one and said something like this:

“As embarrassing as this all sounds, I took photographs of my private parts and sent them them to young women I had never met. I began doing this a month after marrying my beautiful wife, who by the way, is pregnant. I did this on a number of occasions.”

If Mr. Weiner had done this as soon as Andrew Bretibart had broken the story, are the liberals telling us that everything would be okay?

Had he “confessed” from the git go, and because he hasn’t broken any laws, are liberals saying that would have made everything okay?

Is morality never an issue with liberals?

Really, answer me.

We know it is an issue with liberals when it’s a Republican who do nasty things. But is morality ever an issue with the party of Jefferson when it comes to their own members?

The House of Representatives has a code that calls for members to conduct themselves in …

“a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.”

Has Congressman Weiner done that? If he hasn’t, shouldn’t he be expelled?

Americans are repulsed by Mr. Weiner. If this isn’t grounds to remove an official from public office who has humiliated himself and his office, then what does it take?

If we let it go, we humiliate ourselves.


  1. Nick on June 10, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    The problem is that if you interpret the House Code too broadly, there will be a constant stream of ethics investigations and expulsions. Expulsion is extremely rare, and that’s a good thing given our Constitutional democracy. Is what he did disgusting? Of course. Do I think he should resign? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that expulsion, in the absence of his lies, is appropriate in this case. In fact it would set a dangerous precedent. Repulsion should never be grounds for expulsion: it would destroy our democracy.

    It’s also pretty disgusting that Newt Gingrich has cheated on at least two of his wives and is now a contender for the Republican nomination. More disgusting (and truly repulsive) is that he blamed it on his love for our country.

  2. Monte B. Gray on June 11, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    In addition, you are mistaken about the Democrats not wanting Mr Weiner to leave.
    The leadership of the Democratic Party have made it clear that they feel Mr Weiner should resign and leave office. I can’t think of any Democrat leader defending this Creep’s actions.

    If you want to talk scandal then lets refer back to Newt Gingrich condemning President Clinton’s reprehensible actions with Monica Lewinsky. This while married and Newt was having an affair at the same time! That man sets the standard for Hypocrisy! Yet he wants to be the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the USA! If elected(though can’t imagine it happening!) what a field day the world would have with his examples of morality! The French or Italians would be confused, thinking one of their own got elected to office?”!!

    • quinersdiner on June 11, 2011 at 2:52 pm

      Mr. Weiner’s boss, Nancy Pelosi went on record yesterday as saying it is up to Mr. Weiner and the voters in his district. Doesn’t sound very forceful, does it. Some Democrats are calling for him to resign. Evidently, Congressman Weiner is going to take a leave of absence in the hopes things will blow over. Let us hope that Democrats for once exert real pressure to rid us this embarrassment to America’s House of Representatives.