Are people the problem or the solution?

By Tom Quiner

Someone I know once said only partially in jest, “I hate strangers.”

I continued the banter by responding “I love strangers, because they represent opportunity.” I meant it.

I have benefited profoundly from strangers.  So have you. Strangers have invented things that make our lives better. They developed new medicines and cured diseases. They’ve prayed for you and me. They have cheered for the same team and laughed at the same jokes as you and I have. They have donated money to charities I respect.  And they have paid taxes to help support government services.

Strangers are people we don’t know. We need more of them.

In other words, I think people are the solution to our problems. Not everyone agrees. Some folks think there are too many people in the world. They think people pollute the environment. That they consume too many of the world’s resources. They they exploit their neighbor.

There are people who do just that.

The American system has a way of bringing out the best in people. I think we need more Americans. This has been THE most innovative country in the history of the world. Innovation tends to flow from our youth.  Studies tell us that innovation peaks in thirty-somethings and then begins to decline.

Innovators come up with solutions to our problems. They create jobs.

We need more of them.

How can we get more? I propose we start with a ban on abortion. We’re killing off the people who will make our country and the world better.

The preborn represent opportunity. They represent hope.

Let us begin protecting and nurturing them as America used to do.

People are the solution.