The Tea Party vs. the President

By Tom Quiner

One simple chart explains everything.

Quiner’s Diner’s exclusive Federal Spending for Dummies chart reveals why the Tea Party came into existence. It quickly reveals why the Tea Party changed the debate in Washington from how much will we increase spending to how much can we cut spending?

The chart shows how much money the federal government spends per citizen per year in 1980 dollars. You can see how spending per citizen was relatively stable in the 90s when we had divided government. Then it began a steep incline when Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, only to explode when Democrats regained them both.

The debt ceiling deal Congress just agreed to has both liberals and conservatives mad.

Liberals want more spending and more taxes.

Conservatives wanted even less spending and less taxes.

But this deal is just the beginning. The Tea Party has taken the high ground and the most liberal President in American history is in retreat.

Vice President Biden compares The Tea Party to terrorists in his usual understated rhetoric. But that isn’t the right metaphor. I think a better one would be a pit bull. The Tea Party has acted like a pit bull in its ferocious defense of the taxpayer’s money. They have had to in light of the President’s comparable resolve to spend our money.

The battle isn’t over by a long shot.

For now, the Tea Party has turned the tide. We have a long way to go to right our ship. This debt deal was one small step in the right direction.

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