Liberals’ tragic leap of faith

By Tom Quiner

A letter writer self-identified herself as a liberal Catholic in a recent letter to the editor in The Des Moines Register.

Her rant, for that is what is was, included this line:

“Since when do we, as fellow Christians, take up the charge to bash one another?”

She was critical of a very reasoned op-ed piece by a Des Moines Deacon who clearly expressed the Catholic Church’s position on life matters.

His tone certainly was reasoned and even-handed. There was no bashing.

Let us think about the divide between the Catholic position on life and the liberal position on life (even if a person claims to be Catholic).

Catholics believe that you became a person at conception, not birth. That is a cornerstone of the Catholic faith, a fundamental belief of this religion.

Liberals tend to believe that you didn’t become a person until you were delivered from the womb and took your first breath. That apparently is their leap of faith. Otherwise, how could one tolerate the killing of the pre-born?

That would be murder, right?

The liberal writer continues:

“I consider myself a liberal Catholic and am tired of some of the church leaders who have been hijacked by the right wing conservative, holier-than-thou, unforgiving and condemning people. It is dangerous not to think for yourself. It is much easier to have others tell you how and what to think.”

In other words, she rejects the church’s position and would rather impose her own on society and Catholics with whom she disagrees.

In other words, she wants to do the very thing to conservatives (or practicing Catholics) that she claims they do to her.

If in fact she accepts the church’s position on abortion, that life begins at conception, then she countenances murder when a child is aborted.

If in fact she rejects the church’s position, then she wants to force Catholics to tolerate the killing of the pre-born. How can someone claim to be Catholic when they totally reject this foundational value of the church, this reverence for the sanctity of human life?

She has embraced a different religion, one unrecognizable to Catholicism.

Such a tragic leap of faith.

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  1. Bob Zimmerman on September 26, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Just because a mouse is in the cookie jar, does not make him (or her) a cookie…