Governor Branstad’s Proclamation for LIFE!

By Jenifer Bowen

Governor Terry Branstad has offered a Proclamation that, in Iowa, the first Sunday of each October will be “Respect for Life Sunday.”  The purpose of this proclamation is to educate all citizens of Iowa young and old that life is precious and should be respected.

This education will take place through the following statements:

Whereas: Life is to be respected in all stages of development beginning with fertilization to continuing to natural death.

Whereas: We shall show respect in our daily lives as we protect the unborn from the abuses of abortion.  We will raise them in the traditional values that come with a traditional family.

Whereas:  Life will be respected in the latter years of life by having in place a continued support system which will offer them the dignity earned through years of service to family, church, community, friends and country.

Whereas:  Life will be respected through the acceptance that Life is not ours to give nor is it ours to take.  These are the functions of a higher being.  That being is GOD!

Whereas:  Respect for Life Sunday is a day of recognition that we were given the gift of choice not as a weapon against Life, but so that we can call upon our God and receive eternal life.

The Proclamation Signing will occur Friday, October 7, at 11:15 am. This signing will be held in the Governor’s Formal Office at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines.

[Jenifer Bowen is Executive Director for Iowa Right to Life.]


  1. maxine bechtel on October 7, 2011 at 7:01 am

    KUDOS to Governor Branstad! It’s great to know that our Governor has the courage to take this historic stand for life! Would to God that some of our other officials here in IA and in WA were equally as willing to withstand the vilification, false information and ridicule from the “Pro-death” crowd!

    Unless and until we can stamp out the senseless murder of our future generations, we will continue to weaken and falter as a powerful, leading Nation in the world!

  2. Kurt Johnson on October 7, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    Since the Governor is not calling upon the State to use its force to require anyone to do anything, then I will not object – “no harm no foul”. I can respect another person’s right to express their opinion freely and not respect the substance of the opinion. We can respect life from conception, but it should not be a crime to abort a fetus before it is viable. The mother should have that choice. Once viable, then reasonable care should be taken to deliver the baby, even if the mother will not be responsible for the baby in the future. The mother should have the right to control her body, but should be responsible to take reasonable care once the baby is viable.