Introducing Lucille Katherine …

By Tom Quiner

My wife and I adopted a baby yesterday.

To be more precise, we “spiritually adopted” a baby who was conceived this month. We named her Lucille Katherine.

We will never meet this little girl. But by committing to spiritually adopt her, we have embarked on a 9 month journey of daily prayer for this real human being. We pray that her mother makes the choice to honor the life in her womb.

Would you join us in praying for this singular soul, Lucille Katherine? Here is the prayer we are using:

“O God, our Heavenly Father,

you sent Your Son into this world

that He might bless and consecrate all

life to You.

Enlighten our minds with awareness

and to a renewed conviction

that all human life is sacred

because it is created

in your image and likeness.

In a special way we ask and pray

that you grace and protect

the unborn child, Lucille Katherine,

that I have spiritually adopted

with your ever caring love.

We pray this in the name of Jesus,

who is Lord, forever and ever. Amen.”

As my wife handed out spiritual adoption cards yesterday, she was accosted by a parishioner who “challenged” her to demonstrate that she really cares about life by doing something after the baby is born.

Why do social justice types always have the word “but” after anything pertaining to abortion? You know what I mean, “Well that is fine and dandy, but your type don’t care about the child after it is born. What about about the starving kids in Darfur?”

Life demands dignity at every stage, from conception to a natural death. There’s no “but” involved. But the ultimate indignity is abortion, which snuffs out all of life’s beautiful possibilities.

The premise that pro lifers don’t care about the baby after she is born is nonsense. From adoption services, clinics, and even post abortion counseling for women racked by the guilt of ¬†terminating their pregnancies, the Life community works on behalf of real people before and after they are born.

All of us at our church who spiritually adopted a baby will hold a baby shower in nine months. The shower gifts we bring will go to real women and real babies.

Join me in praying for Lucille Katherine.