Quiner’s Diner’s top ten posts of 2011

By Tom Quiner

These were some of the posts that meant the most to me in 2011. If you missed them, you might enjoy catching up.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Happy New Year!


10. Three Reasons Pro Abortion Advocates Should Support Defunding Planned Parenthood: Got your attention? There are rational reasons proborts should pull the plug.

9. Courageous Leaders: Presidents Reagan and G.W. Bush made tough decisions that were unpopular in the short run, but vindicated by history:

8. The Unspoken Debate: What is the role of God in American government? I discuss the prevalence of God in our architecture in the nation’s capital:.

7. Should We Err on the Side of Humanity? I present four scenarios when considering the implications of abortion.

6. A Nation of Radical Ideals: Is America exceptional? Gingrich says yes, Obama no.

5. The Contagious Mass Psychosis of 1917: Either a whole lot of folks saw the laws of nature bent, or else thousands suffered from the same contagious mass psychosis.

4. What’s the Solution: Higher Taxes or Spending Restraint? Liberals say we need more taxes, conservatives, less spending. Who is right? Read this post and you will have the definitive answer.

3. Gingrich Offers a Dynamic Pro-Growth Economic Plan: We need Reaganesque economic growth to help tame our deficits and national debt issues, issues which have reached crisis proportions. This piece analyzes why Mr. Gingrich’s approach to taxation and monetary policy would send our economy into overdrive and put people back to work.

2. Peace Begins in the Womb: Peace activists are frequently pro-choice when it comes to abortion issues. I take them to task.

1. In praise of Adolph Hitler: Local liberals were outraged that Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines decided not to honor an alum when they learned she had served on Planned Parenthood’s board. I attempt (successfully, I hope) to point out the flaw in their thinking.