How to destroy a nation

By Tom Quiner


It is essential to squash a people’s independent spirit to bring them down.

America is the most independent nation in history. That is changing. As the chilling video above reveals, our kids coming out of public schools today increasingly have a sense of entitlement. In other words, they are increasingly comfortable to become dependent on government.

The teachers union controls our kid’s curriculum, and they downplay capitalism and American Exceptionalism at the same time they nurture political correctness, multiculturalism, and envy.

President Obama builds on the degradation of achievement with his support of the Occupy Wall Street Crowd and his demonization of America’s top producers (aka “the rich”).

Let me pause here. I come from a family of public school teachers. There are teachers doing wonderful work against increasingly tough odds these days.

I honor these teachers and the teaching profession.

I do not honor the teachers union who have a stunning influence on our children and national politics. They were one of Barack Obama’s biggest campaign supporters. They have politicized education.

Under Mr. Obama, 44% of Americans receive some sort of payment from government compared to 29% (still a huge number) under President Reagan.

The video above reveals the sense of entitlement our youth have ingrained in them by the time they reach college.

Let me leave you with this question: does a sense of entitlement make a country stronger or weaker?