Obama: “I call for higher deficits forever.”

By Tom Quiner


The president’s budget is out. Here is what he is saying:

“I have submitted a budget to Congress, and I call on them to approve it now without delay. I boldly and without apology call for more government spending and higher deficits as far as our accountants can see. I ask our Chinese friends to join us as partners in this endeavor by contining to lend us the money we desperately need to pay for our expanded entitlement spending once Obamacare is fully implemented. In return, they have offered us an advisory capacity on vexing foreign affairs. I continue to offer the American public my unique talents in managing America’s decline.”

Of course, the president didn’t actually say any of this. But if we cut through the fiscal manipulations presented by the president’s men, this is the true meaning of Barack Obama’s budget.

Last year’s budget was voted down by the Senate 97-0 (the same Senate, by the way, that hasn’t presented their own budget for over a 1000 days).

The president’s budget won’t fare any better this year because of its brazen irresponsibility. When asked point blank by Congressman Scott Garrett when the president’s budget comes into balance, the White House Budget Director, Jeffrey Zients dissembles.

He can’t answer the question, because the answer is never.

[Watch the 63 second clip above to see the White House Budget Director duck a simple question: what year will the president’s budget come into balance?]