The Artist deserves its Oscar nomination

By Tom Quiner

The Artist is a wonderful film.It took guts to make The Artist.

It is a silent movie (mostly).

It is shot in black and white.

And it is marvelous.

The Artist tells an old story in what seems to be a fresh, new way, simply because we haven’t seen a movie like this in a long, long time. The lead, Jean Dujardin, garnered a best actor nomination from the Academy Awards.

Who is this guy? Evidently, he is a French comedian. In this film, he projects that suave and confident masculinity that both women and men will appreciate, although in different ways.

I was impressed.

The story is an old one, reminiscent of “A Star is Born.” The sound track is wonderful and takes you back in time to another era where men were men, women were women, and a dog was man’s best friend. I mention the dog because a Jack Russell terrier named Uggie practically steals the movie.

Go and see The Artist. What a treat!