Joe Biden thinks you are stupid

By Tom Quiner

Here is what Vice President Biden said this weekend:

“I just find it remarkable that the argument is even taking place. I think it’s totally out of touch with reality and totally out of touch with what the Independents [want] …”

To what argument does he refer? Republican opposition to the HHS Mandate which they believe violates our religious freedom. Mr. Biden states that Republicans want to take away …

“the right of women to decide for themselves, whether or not they want to use contraception.”

Of course, this is not what Republicans have stated. Ever.

Not Mitt Romney.

Not Newt Gingrich.

Not even Rick Santorum.

And yet the media didn’t call him on it. CBS reporter, Bob Schieffer, characterized the issue that Republicans are “campaigning against birth control.”

So much for any semblance of objectivity from the mainstream media (MSM).

Biden has the brass to claim that the issue ended up right where it was intended, that Catholic institutions would not have to pay for contraception, even though every single Catholic Bishop, every one of them, claims he is wrong.

Schieffer didn’t challenge the Vice President.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and their PR agents in the MSM think you and I are stupid. When George Stephanopoulos did the president’s bidding by posing the question of a ban on contraception at a Republican debate in January, Romney quickly swatted it down. Romney laughed at the question, because it was a non-issue. He saw it for what it was: a media manipulation to plant the seed in viewers minds that somehow it was an issue.

The president and the MSM turned it into an issue.

Biden says he finds it remarkable that the argument is even taking place that women should be denied birth control.

What is remarkable is that he gets away with this lie. For that is what it is.

Even a practicing Catholic like Rick Santorum isn’t talking about taking away anyone’s contraception.

Joe Biden lies because he knows he can get away with it with a segment of the country with the tacit approval of the MSM.

Quiner’s Diners appreciates its readers who disagree with us. You may not agree with our interpretation of the HHS Mandate. But, please, don’t buy into the Biden Lie that Republicans want to take anyone’s birth control away from anyone.

The real question is: does government have the right to force religious organizations to violate their conscience rights?

Obama and Biden say yes. They’re forced to lie to defend their position.




  1. Bob on April 2, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Schieffer is an ignoramus and Biden is a liar.

    Still, the fact that over half of the voting public voted for Obama and Biden in 2008 is certainly very strong evidence that a whole lot of Americans really ARE stupid, so you can hardly fault Biden for having drawn that conclusion.

  2. maxinebechtel on April 3, 2012 at 6:58 am

    I WOULD SAY, far too many of those Obama-follower”sheeple” are not necessarily stupid, just brain-washed, mind-numbed robots, who won’t face facts and think for themselves! It gets frustrating to see, but we who can see what’s happening MUST keep on keeping on! Thanks for faithfully doing your part, Tom!