By Tom Quiner


Welcome to the Memorial Day Weekend Edition of NewsBusted.

Jodi Miller, the “investigative reporter” liberals love to hate is back.

Start your holiday weekend with her unique blend of side-splitting news that lampoons our dear liberal friends.

This week, she reports on:

√ America to take Greece’s place in European Union?!

√ How bad of shape is Greece in? Just ask Newt!

√ Live by eminent domain, die by eminent domain. Just ask Justice Breyer!

√ Who really writes NBC’s stuff.

√ What does MVP mean?

√ The Dalai Lama vs. the Chinese.

√ Don’t cross Oprah.

√ Guess what was found in an Arby’s sandwich?

My friends, we have a three day weekend. Relax with some fresh flippancy from that female fireball we all love, Jodi Miller.

Take it away, Jodi!

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