Why Democrats are desperate for voters to vote early

By Tom Quiner

I received a campaign e-mail this morning from liberal Iowa Senator Tom Harkin on behalf of the Obama campaign.

Yes, I am receiving all of the Obama campaigns e-mails. His missive encourages Democrats to vote early using absentee ballots.

Can you blame them?

The first poll since the election shows Romney has edged into the lead. I heard how significantly the debate influenced a good friend of mine. She was set to vote for Obama. But after the debate, she has changed her mind and is leaning toward Romney? Why? Because he had a better grasp of the issues and the facts. She saw the insider, Obama, the man who should have a grasp of the issues and the facts, flounder.

Romney looked presidential. Obama didn’t.

My friend voted for Obama four years ago. Now her vote is in doubt.

Mr. Obama is at risk of losing voters in a wide array of voting blocks if he doesn’t lock them in now.

Do you remember what happened in the 1980 election? Jimmy Carter led most of the way. The race was too close to call even two weeks before the election. And then Ronald Reagan began to surge.

The rest is history. Reagan won in a landslide.

I don’t expect that to happen this time. Romney is no Reagan, and frankly, Obama is no Carter in terms of style and cool factor. And the press is so heavily invested in Obama that they’ll go to the mat for him whatever comes up.

But, the clock is working against Obama. If he doesn’t lock in his voters right away, they may jump ship come November.

I expect to see a sharper Barack Obama in the next debate. How could he be any worse? Nonetheless, I think we have a real dogfight on our hands and it’s going to be close.

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  1. ryankane on October 6, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Excellent post! I made a similar one on my blog, http://externalpolitics.wordpress.com/. It pretty much sums up your philosophy on undecideds moving over, and democrats becoming undecideds. You should check it out!