BOOK REVIEW: The Gospel According to Apostle Barack

By Tom Quiner

In my previous post, “The Cult of Obama,” I made reference to a slobbering new book about Barack Obama:

“The Gospel According to Apostle Barack.”

The writer, college professor Barbara A. Thompson casts the president in messianic light. I went to to see what people have to say about it. Here’s an incisive review by a gentlemen named James Snape that I think Quiner’s Diner readers will enjoy:

“I had always felt my life was worthless and had no purpose until I lucked upon this book. Sure, I had built my own business, employed thousands, tithed 20% to my (other) church. But it all felt so empty. As I sat in my chair one night, browsing Amazon, with a gun in my mouth I accidentally clicked a link to this book and it felt as if the hand of Barack had sent a bolt of lightning up my leg. I now know what I must do. Last week I voted for revenge against the capitalists who destroy jobs, sold my business and donated all of the proceeds to Solyndra. Can’t wait to see what my future holds!”

I don’t know about Ms. Thompson’s book, but I’d sure like to read more from Mr. Snape!

[For Quiner’s Diners readers who tend to be very literal, Mr. Snape was employing sarcasm in his review.]