By Tom Quiner

The pro life movement loves human life from conception to natural death.

Respect Life groups from Maine to Hawaii work silently in the trenches helping the pre-born as well as new born babies. I know, I know, the pro abortion crowd constantly rails against us, claiming that we only care about the baby up until the moment she is born. And then we forget about her.

It’s a bunch of baloney.

Take the Respect Life group at my church. We just held a baby shower for babies in need. We gathered diapers and infant formula and clothing and other critical necessities and delivered them to the House of Mercy. Here is what the House of Mercy does, according to their website:

“The House of Mercy is an organization dedicated to assisting pregnant, parenting/non-parenting, and adolescent/adult women in developing personal responsibility and independence through counseling, education, and medical care in collaboration with other caring individuals. Today, House of Mercy has become one of Iowa’s largest providers of transitional housing and clinical services for parenting women with addiction.”

The efforts of my church’s Respect Life group are being replicated throughout the country thousands or even tens of thousand times a year.

I go to diocesan-wide Respect Life meetings where I hear of countless programs being supported for babies and moms in need.

The Respect Life movement is all about love. These are the best people in the world. I know them. I know hundreds of them here in Des Moines alone.

The pro abortion movement is all about death. There’s no getting around it. The folks who support abortion are terribly misguided. Honestly, there are good people I know who support a women’s so-called right to choice.

Let us pray for these folks. Let us persuade with intelligence, rationality, and conviction. The pro-death crowd is losing support slowly but surely.

The pro life movement is the place to be, because it’s all about love. That’s the plain truth.

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  1. Bob Vance on November 13, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    There are alot of good churches out there helping the less fortunate. I, being an atheist, still make a yearly donation to a local church because I know they are one such church.

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