1. Lisa Bourne on November 13, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Liberals get all bent out of shape when talk turns to abstinence, the truth about abortion, or, heaven forbid, mucous and natural family planning. Out of nowhere they are all of a sudden prudish as heck and perpetrate that these things are controversial, objectionable. Good God-cover the kids’ ears!…. Turn around and push the gay agenda, promiscuity in entertainment, chemical birth control, access to abortion, porn, filth in art; and magically it’s a whole different deal, one that’s okay for their kids and yours, whether you like it or not and behind your back if you don’t (Coming to a school system near you: Indoctrination to deviant behavior as “the new normal”, just try and resist, you’ll handily be labeled and bigot and hater). Why, our kids are smarter than you give them credit for-they can handle these things!…. Further, as is evidenced in part by this awful, immoral ObamaCare, we’re all expected to subsidize it. Just another day in the alternate universe of the left.

    • d. knapp on October 13, 2016 at 8:01 pm

      Dear Lisa, you named a lot of the reasons my husband and I have decided to do w/o the financial gain of a 2nd full time income to have me stay home to home school our daughter. Aside from the lost income, it costs us about $2600/yr for the program. It’s worth it to know my child is not being taught to hate our traditional values. My hubby’s grandparents escaped Hitler and the Russians to leave Poland and The Ukraine and come here as kids. They would freak at the idea of us feeding their great grand daughter to a bunch of fascists like what what run EVERY public school. I was shocked when a girls scout mom (pushed at me to explain my not purchasing cookies,so I told her I can’t give my $ to anything where ANY of it may wind up going to abortions.) She was astonished that I would say that fact in the presence of her adolescent daughter. I told her she forced me when I just wanted to go into the store. She hugged her kid and said, “Well, it does other good things too.” She didn’t deny it and felt that there was actually ANYTHING they could do that somehow made up for….THAT! I know so many girls who were totally normal and some discussion got going about cutting, trans, gay, whatever you want to mention and suddenly they’re cutting and being gay or bi or trans. It’s like they have a hypnotist on staff at these schools. BY the way, for now it’s an alternate universe. Soon, it will be the only universe…..ENJOY!(sarc.)

      • quinersdiner on October 14, 2016 at 2:31 pm

        Totally agree with you. Sadly, I have stopped purchasing Girl Scout Cookies for the reasons you stated.

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