The real reason Secretary Clinton is leaving

By Tom Quiner


I think there’s a study somewhere that suggests that people who laugh the most live longer. How’s that for a segue to Jodi Miller, ace reporter for NewsBusted?

Are you ready to laugh?

It’s Friday at Quiner’s Diner, the day we like to feature Ms. Miller’s hard-ball news reporting. We hope 60 Minute’s Steve Croft, the king of softball reporting (if he’s interviewing Obama), is taking notes on what true reporting is all about.

As usual, Jodi has scooped her competition with this week’s stories:

√ At least liberals can’t blame the Super Bowl blackout on Bush, or can they?!

√ Who should take responsibility for the death of Barney?

√ Did some one Photoshop the pic of the pres shooting a gun?

√ Why Hegel favors Iran.

√ Where Secretary Panetta got the idea to put women into combat.

√ Why Secretary Clinton is leaving.

√ Why the president of NBC is stepping down.

√ How CNN can win the ratings war vs. RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Have a great weekend.

Take it away, Jodi!