A blogger compares abortion to Sandy Hook

By Tom Quiner

The pace quickens.

Quiner’s Diner is picking up new readers every day. Thanks to everyone of you who stops in each day for a “heapin’ plate of conservative politics and religion.”

Many of you don’t agree with me. That’s why I write.

I want to understand where you’re coming from, to see where, if anywhere, we have common ground.

Many of you are bloggers yourself. I try to stop in from time to time to see what you’re saying.

I checked out a new blog today called Scourie. Here is an excerpt:

“Another thing, is Pro-life. Listen up, because I am in love with children, I would do anything for them and think God puts them here to spread the word of innocence. I cried/still do about Sandy Hook(R.I.P.) but I think there should still be that right, but with regulations. I do believe that prayer works even if it isn’t what you want. I know it is hard to accept, but it has to be done. God has a plan for each and everyone of us, whether you believe it or not.”

The write is a self-proclaimed Catholic Democrat.

We’re both Catholic. My hope is we can find common ground in the beauty of our faith. Here was my response:

“A thought-provoking piece. Thanks for sharing your views. I find one of your points unsettling, though. You compare abortion to Sandy Hook, a fair comparison, I might add. You cry for the victims of Sandy Hook, as we all do. And yet you think abortion is okay “with regulations.” Could you imagine saying mass murder is okay in elementary schools as long as it is properly regulated? I think not, and yet they are morally equivalent acts. You acknowledge God has a plan for each us. He does, including the preborn. Abortion is certainly not part of God’s plan. Thanks for letting me weigh in.”

She responded back:

“I see your point. I actually really like it too. The main reason why I say that because of experiences I have seen, but honestly I really like your point thanks for your input(: “

I said:

“I appreciate your attitude. I’m a convert to the Church. I’m concerned about the difficulty in finding common ground these days between liberals and conservatives, that includes “orthodox” vs. “progressive” Catholics. My experiences have shown that abortion does far more than harm the baby in the womb; it harms the mother; it harms the father; it has weakened the very fabric of our society.”

What I liked about the exchange is that it was grounded in mutual respect. Thanks to Scourie for the good conversation.





  1. JTHmishmash on May 7, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    AWESOME example of finding common ground! Thanks for sharing the exchange!