Holder claims he will never torture Snowden

By Tom Quiner


Sick of the biased news “reporting” of the mainstream media?

You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re proud to feature news the way God intended to be delivered on a weekend: with a smile on the face and a twinkle in the eye!

Quiner’s Diner is proud to feature Jodi Miller’s breaking stories. Ms. Miller is ace reporter for NewsBusted. Here are today’s scoops:

√ Obama shows solidarity with American workers.

√ Why the president is “geography impaired.”

√ Introducing a new delivery method for the Washington Post!

√ How the Washington Post has changed.

√ Whoops … CNN utters the truth about Obamacare!

√ Why even some Democrats want to “unpass” Obamacare.

√ Holder claims he will never torture Snowden.

√ Weiner refuses to release his medical records.

Have a great weekend! Take it away, Jodi!