Beware the music of heaven!

By Tom Quiner

Fascinating post on Facebook tonight from a local priest:

“It is reported that St. Francis of Assisi, in a time of prayer, asked Jesus to allow him to hear the music of Heaven. Jesus told Francis he did not know what he was asking. If Francis were to hear the music of heaven, he would die. Francis pressed Jesus, asking to hear just one note. Jesus granted his request and Francis awoke from his “coma” a few days later.”

Think about this.
One of the most inspiring compositions in the history of the human race was Beethoven’s final symphony, his famous 9th.
The final “Ode to Joy” movement stirs even the most hardened of hearts. This symphony is comprised of tens of thousands of notes. It melts our soul.
And yet a single note of heaven’s song puts us in a coma.
Heaven is real. I want to spend eternity there. I want my wife and kids to spend eternity there. I want you there, too.
I want to hear that music. I’d love to be a part of it, even if it is only to dust off the piano for Christ’s pianists.
One note from heaven is beyond our earthly imagination. I love my life on this earth, and I look forward to the next in heaven.