Girl Scouts unofficially promotes an agenda of reproductive rights

By Brigid Curtis Ayer

 Hi Tom,
I am a journalist who has covered public policy and worked in media for 25 year and have been following this issue closely for four years. (Got a briefcase with a five inch thick file in it documenting your premise above.) I was greatly disturbed when writing an article on abortion when I accidentally stumbled onto and
Any good journalist fact checks claims, so that’s what I did.
It took me many, many hours and about three month of fact checking of all the content of both web sites’ claims, sad to say, I found they all checked out. Girl Scouts’ own materials the girls read, tax documents, web content, corporate, government, and nongovernmental affiliates and partners were definitely promoting an unofficial agenda of reproductive rights, a redefinition of family.
The only plausible conclusion from the documentation was that GS remains officially “neutral” but unofficially advances their reproductive rights agenda, duping many families that do not hold those same views.
I have to say, GS own materials were quite incriminating in proving their reproductive rights unofficial agenda.
GS international sisterhood World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) opening promotes contraception, emergency contraception and abortion. Slick marketing, double speak, and spin by GS marketing people have successfully deflected some of the criticism, some may be may duped, but being a political person, privy to market messaging tactics, I see right through all the smoke and mirrors. If you want to read more check out National Catholic Register. They ran a three part series on the topic. Also Google, Cathy Ruse and Mary Hassan, reputable women writers who have done substantial research on the topic.
Thanks for writing about this. I will no longer purchase GS cookies nor will any of our large extended family.
[Thanks to Quiner’s Diner reader, Brigid Curtis Ayer, for reporting on this issue.]