Liberals do NOT want you to see this movie

By Tom Quiner

FrackNation. Liberals are screaming about this 67 minute documentary.
They’ve tried to get the trailers removed from YouTube and Vimeo.
Why? Because it characterizes “fracking” as the “miracle of the 21st century.”
The director, Phelim McAleer, is characterized as a “genial” Michael Moore, except he makes liberals look bad, taking aim at the anti-fracking film, “Gasland” produced by Josh Fox.
Interestingly, even the New York Times had positive things to say about the solid reporting done in this film:

“Narrated by Mr. McAleer, whose previous documentaries have also argued against environmental concerns, “FrackNation” is no tossed-off, pro-business pamphlet. Methodically researched and assembled (and financed by thousands of small donations from an online campaign), the film picks at Mr. Fox’s assertions and omissions with dogged persistence. Much of what it reveals is provocative, like a confrontation with Mr. Fox about the presence of methane in the water supply decades before fracking began.

What’s clear is that Mr. McAleer knows his way around the Freedom of Information Act and has done his legwork. Besides talking to carefully selected scientists and water experts, he visits pro-fracking residents of Dimock Township, Pa., who are annoyed that their community is being characterized as a toxic wasteland. And he’s not above taking a sentimental detour to Poland to commiserate with a pensioner who can’t pay her energy bills, or reveling in the odd gotcha moment, like accusing a public official of “inappropriate ties” to Mr. Fox.”

If liberals don’t want you to see a film, perhaps you’d better check it out. Contact your local PBS station and ask them to broadcast it.