Say no to Girl Scouts of America

By Tom Quiner

Girl Scouts of America call human abortion advocate, Wendy Davis, "incredible."

Girl Scouts of America calls human abortion advocate, Wendy Davis, “incredible.”

Wendy Davis is defined by her love of human abortion rights.
She calls abortion “sacred ground.” It’s her religion.
The Texas legislator and gubernatorial candidate is adored by the Girl Scouts of America who just called her “incredible” in a tweet.
What does it say about an organization like Girl Scouts that venerates a person who filibustered a bill that outlawed human abortion when the preborn can feel the pain of the procedure?
Wendy Davis feels no empathy for the preborn.
She used every ounce of her political clout to allow the killing of defenseless beings who can feel the agony of the abortionists’ weapons.
Girl Scouts has crafted the following mission statement:

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

Their support for the likes of Wendy Davis reveals the statement is a sham.
I encourage you to say no to Girl Scouts of America the next time you are asked to buy their cookies.