The inconsistent application of liberal virtue

By Tom Quiner

liberal-tolerance1Liberals and conservatives revere different virtues. It’s why it’s so hard for the two sides talk to each other some times.
For conservatives, the cardinal virtues consist of prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude.
For liberals, they consist of diversity, inclusion, choice, and equality. And yet liberals aren’t terribly consistent in their application of their virtues. Let’s look at the first two.
Liberals aren’t very inclusive.
And liberals really don’t like diversity.
Several fairly recent news stories showcase their inconsistency.
Who can forget the Chick -fil-A controversy? The owner said he believed in traditional marriage, since he is a practicing Christian. The liberal mayors of Chicago and Boston immediately stated that Chick-fil-A was no longer welcome in their towns.
Sounds pretty inclusive, doesn’t it ? So much diversity, too, huh?
Of course, you’ve heard about the Duck Dynasty flare-up. One of the stars of the show stated his Christian beliefs in a magazine interview that he believes marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
Liberal groups were enraged and demanded his dismissal from the A & E Network. Again, so much for inclusion. So much for diversity.
When talking about modern American liberalism, it is important to talk about more than just their so-called virtues. We have to talk about their theology, which includes their passionate and sacramental belief in human abortion and climate change.
There is no room for inclusion or diversity of anyone who even whispers that they embrace a different religion.
Take the case of Phelim McAleer. This film director just produced a documentary that the public really wants to see. How do we know? Because he raised more money on Kickstarter, $212,000 from 3300 contributors, than any other documentary campaign ever did.
His film, FrackNation, though fell afoul of the organizers at the Frozen River Film Festival in Minnesota. They cancelled the screening of his film, the first time this has ever happened in the  9 year history of the festival.
Mr. McAleer “chalked it up to a cowardly response to left-wing bullying.”
So much for inclusion. So much for diversity.
Or take the case of Bill Diss.
Mr. Diss WAS a distinguished teacher in Portland, Oregon. I say was, since the school board fired him for pro life activities.
Even more, his school forced him to allow Planned Parenthood to enter his classroom to make a presentation to his class without his permission.
Mr. Diss told them to leave. The principal backed Planned Parenthood and said they WILL stay.
As a matter of conscientious objection, Mr. Diss didn’t want to be subjected to their presentation, so he asked to be allowed to leave until the presentation was done.
Seems reasonable, doesn’t it? After all, liberals know all about conscientious objectors.
The principal was adamant: no, his moral beliefs were not sufficient grounds for him to leave.
He had to stay.1480660_10153715706325494_2136390055_n
Interesting, isn’t it? The Frozen River Film Festival refuses to let their attendees watch a film that preaches a non-liberal message, but an Oregon principal forces a teacher to watch a presentation that does.
So much for inclusion. So much for diversity.
A few days ago, the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, came right out and said pro life politicians are not welcome in his state.
Let’s face it, liberals really hate inclusion and diversity if you’re a conservative.