A Quiner's Diner reader fights back

By Tom Quiner

A Quiner’s Diner reader wrote the following letter to the President of Iowa State University after reading my post earlier today, “I’m Offended”:

Dear President Leath,
As a 1984 grad of the ISU College of Design,  I am deeply disappointed in the recent decision to remove the Bible from the MU hotel room nightstand drawers. This as a result of ONE atheist complaining that this book, inside a CLOSED drawer, was offensive to him and considered it harassing religious propaganda. Ridiculous! You and I know the real reason the “offending” books were removed. ISU, like many public universities, embraces the religion of secular humanism, and is increasingly bent on institutionalizing it. You recently spoke about the importance of ISU creating and nurturing an environment of diversity… except when it comes to Christianity. This is the message you are sending. Shame on you. I can’t wait for the next phone call from an ISU rep seeking alumni money.
Bob Zimmerman

Thanks for making your voice heard, Bob!