It's time for Sports Illustrated to dial back the sex

By Tom Quiner

In this day and age which cheers same-sex attractions, it seems kind of quaint to hear a man say that he admires the female form.
I do.
I say this advisedly, as I am a faithful, happily married man. Most healthy heterosexual males do admire the female form and battle the daily temptations hurled at them by the culture.
On that note, I would like to voice my disproval of Sports Illustrated cover featuring their latest “swimsuit” issue.
The cover features three enticing young ladies, each topless with their back turned to the camera. One is turned slightly sideways to give us a partial glimpse of her breast.
The ladies each have a hand resting on the derriere of one of their chums as they smile brightly into the camera.
As a husband, father, and grandfather, I respectfully call on Sports Illustrated to ratchet back the sex and nudity that has come to define their swimsuit issue. I call on them to lead us back to an era of restraint and good taste.
I wouldn’t want my daughter exposed like that, nor do I want my sons and grandsons being unnecessarily tempted by a publication which supposedly caters to people who love sports, not voyeurism.