What God did not say to His Son

By Mary Beth Beacom

Ask any parents: they would much rather suffer than watch their own child …or any child….suffer.
But it is a lie to say, ” I only want you to be happy”. Because what the world perceives as happiness often ends in pain and weakness.
A parent never says, ” eat only ice cream, because it makes you happy!”,
Or, ” drive that car at warp speed through that neighborhood full of kids, because I know how driving fast makes you happy.”
Parents know, after years of making their own mistakes, that ” happiness” is fleeting, but love, joy, and truth last¬†forever. To eternity.
God never said to his Son, “I just want you to be happy.”
If you think I’m kidding, only stand at the foot of the cross.
He did say, I will not leave you.
He did say, rest in Me.
He did say, I have carved you in the palm of My hand.
[Thanks to Mary Beth Beacom for permission to share her beautiful reflection on parenting and love.]