Iowa State University responds to Quiner's Diner

By Tom Quiner

Iowa State University removed bibles from their campus hotel when a single atheist complained.
Quiner’s Diner wrote on the subject and the Des Moines Register ran the piece a week ago. Because of the widespread coverage of my essay, Iowa State heard from a whole lot of people on the matter.
To his credit, the administrator at Iowa State who made the decision to yank the Bibles called me on the phone today to explain his reasons. We had a  twenty minute conversation that was friendly, but didn’t really cover any new ground.
He acknowledged that they have received a lot of response due to my piece in the Register, and that most of it was critical of the university for yanking the Bibles out of the hotel rooms.
He made it clear that the university is not hostile to religion generally, or Christianity specifically, citing pro-Christian events that have taken place on the campus.
Their decision stands on the removal of Bibles from hotel rooms. I disagree with it, but nonetheless appreciate the call. He took the heat and let me speak my piece.