The meaning of the Charlie Hebdo assassinations

By Tom Quiner

George Packer is a staff writer for The New Yorker, an intellectual magazine of the political left.

To his credit, he doesn’t tip toe around on the “I” word (Islam), which is typically taboo among the politically-correct when discussing the latest mass murders committed in the name of Allah.

He says Islamic terrorists know what they’re about:

B6wcXWdIgAA_Lbr.jpg-large“A religion is not just a set of texts but the living beliefs and practices of its adherents. Islam today includes a substantial minority of believers who countenance, if they don’t actually carry out, a degree of violence in the application of their convictions that is currently unique.

Charlie Hebdo had been nondenominational in its satire, sticking its finger into the sensitivities of Jews and Christians, too—but only Muslims responded with threats and acts of terrorism. For some believers, the violence serves a will to absolute power in the name of God, which is a form of totalitarianism called Islamism—politics as religion, religion as politics. “Allahu Akbar!” the killers shouted in the street outside Charlie Hebdo. They, at any rate, know what they’re about.

But the murders in Paris were so specific and so brazen as to make their meaning quite clear. The cartoonists died for an idea. The killers are soldiers in a war against freedom of thought and speech, against tolerance, pluralism, and the right to offend—against everything decent in a democratic society. So we must all try to be Charlie, not just today but every day.”

Islam is at war with every single non Muslim (aka infidels) every single day.

Muslims tell us this every day in their words and deeds.

Liberals don’t want to believe that they these killers are sincere Muslims. That’s why Mr. Packer’s commentary is a sign that some on the left are waking up.


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