1. encourage the faithful on August 15, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    Thank you, Tom, for the beautiful tribute to our Blessed Mother. My family always had the utmost love and respect for her. I am a cradle Catholic and was educated in Catholic schools. I always believed in the dogma of the Church. I don’t ever remember questioning any of it. I probably took it for granted rather than felt in awe of it. My entire family was very culturally Catholic and back in the 50’s and most of the 60’s the culture was still conservative. My parish, in our small town did not show any signs of the changing mores of the Spirit of Vatican II, yet.

    The Millennials have been well-indoctrinated by the liberal culture, which is the culture of today; Christianity is verboten to all intellectual beings is their belief. Faithful Christians (especially Catholics) are considered right-wing zealots and are not worthy of those who can reason. Liberals seem to have an irrational animus against the religion of Christ. It is not cool to be so trusting in something that is not seen, unless, of course, one is just “spiritual” and then that person is to be admired (a la Oprah and her following). The older liberals will not admit that Christianity shames them, reminds them that they have a conscience that has been infused with the natural law.

    I now live in a small burg in the city of Los Angeles, a port town with several large ethnic populations and I often meet Catholics when I go to garage and estate sales on the weekends. I used to wear the Brown Scapular on the outside of my clothing the first couple of years after my enlightenment by the Holy Spirit, and it engendered plenty of conversation, most of it very positive (we don’t have too many intellectual elites here, lol). Nowadays I don’t publicize it so blatantly and still I manage to bring up my Catholicism every single time I go on these outings. Some of the conversations have a bit of animus and sometimes outright scorn to them but those encounters are with aging hippies who seem to have a bit of the devil in them. (Of course my husband sits in the car and has nothing to do with the chats, as he keeps his faith close to the vest still after all these years. He would rather I be meek and mild but that is a lost cause, lol.)

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