Does Trump have enough money and staff to avoid a Hillary landslide?

By Tom Quiner

Political commentator, Steve Deace, posted this on his Facebook page a few minutes ago:

Trump’s campaign disclosure in a nutshell:

HIs campaign is broke.

He paid himself more money for using his Mara-A-Lago property as a campaign facility than he paid his combined staff.

He paid $35 thousand to a housing address that claimed to be an advertising firm named “Draper Sterling” after the characters on Mad Men. No, seriously, it’s in his disclosure report if you read it for yourself.

Once more, all of you supporting this are being scammed. At this point there’s a better chance he’ll be indicted for campaign fraud than win the presidency. It’s a total con and the House of Cards is falling apart.

Make it stop, delegates. Everyone else swallow your pride and admit you’ve been had and abandon ship before you go down as the biggest suckers in American history. And then add injury to insult by watching Hillary Clinton win the presidency.