What a putrid political paradigm

By Tom Quiner

Political paradigm3

Voters are angry. Why?

I believe it is because of the stench of corruption that now wafts through the rafters of American politics since the arrival of the Clintons.

Donald Trump, who is a thoroughly unpleasant human being, is a natural consequence of the new political paradigm forged and perfected by the Clinton Machine.

Let me explain.

There are now two groups of Americans, as the Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan explained earlier in this campaign cycle:

  1. The protected class.
  2. The unprotected class.

Protected classes are dominated by groups that fall within politically correct identity categories such as gays, transgendered men and women, Blacks, illegal aliens, Big Abortion, the disabled, women, unions, and teachers.

Unprotected classes include white men, practicing Christians, the preborn, respect life groups, conservative political action groups, the Catholic Church, nuns, coal miners, and business owners who embrace a traditional view of marriage, to name a few.

To complete the paradigm, we need to overlay the political power structure, which is dominated by two groups:

  1. Those who sell influence.
  2. Those who buy influence.

The paradigm is presented in the chart above.

The Clinton Machine are sellers. Hillary’s cattle futures scandal a quarter of a century ago was a prelude to an era of brazen influence peddling the likes of which this nation had never seen before. Sure, influence peddling has been around forever. In this modern age of non-stop media where the moves of public officials are so on display, the Clinton’s success at accumulating a fortune of some $200 million is truly amazing … and sickening.

We have watched them enrich themselves through their foundation which attracts millions of dollars from individuals and nations who desired, and usually received, access to Ms. Clinton while she was Secretary of State. According to recent reporting by the Associated Press, more than half of those who met with Secretary of State Clinton also donated to the Clinton Foundation. You pay to play with the Clintons.

At the other end are the buyers of influence. Donald Trump is such a man. Where Hillary and Bill deny their unrelenting lies and corruption, the Donald is quite open that, yes, he gives money to both parties, including the Clinton Foundation, to ensure access when needed.

Government has morphed into a powerful force that can, and will attempt to destroy you, if you are in an unprotected class. Just ask any coal miner or Christian bakery.

Donald Trump is a reaction to Americans who feel helpless and who’ve been bullied into submission by the PC mob that has cast such a stench over our culture.

These people in unprotected classes are sick of being bullied. They don’t feel that traditional Republicans are doing anything to protect them, so they want to hire a body guard, their own bully, who’ll push back and keep them safe.

We have reached a point where our immutable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are at risk at the hands of Big Government which now determines winners and losers.

The political Left suggests that the answer is to limit free speech. They want to take away the rights of pro life, gun rights, and other conservative groups to educate the public on campaign issues by limiting election year spending.

But the Clintons operate outside the sphere of campaign spending by going direct to influence buyers via their foundation. Even more, under President Obama, the IRS limited the free speech of conservative 501 3C groups by stone-walling their applications in 2012.

So campaign finance laws aren’t the solution. Integrity in government is the solution, and that will never, ever happen with a Hillary Clinton presidency. Things will only get worse.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been even more ‘transformative’ than Barack Obama in many respects. They deserve the most ‘credit’ for this putrid political paradigm that now defines our politics and government.