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  1. d. knapp on October 16, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    this is the culmination of 40 yrs of poor education, socialistic agendas, and support for big political machines. I’ve been a voter for 20+ yrs. I was a pretty liberal democrat sort. Like I said before, I drank the full pitcher of Kool Aid prepared for and given to me by my family and society. After one round of voting for Bill, I found it necessary to b/c republican to make my new found faith in Christ work w/ my political leanings. So many seam perfectly happy to keep voting the way the old folks did despite the fact that the party changed w/o sending us an announcement. The guest list and the theme of the party changed dramatically, but I wasn’t told. I found out on my own when Bill had to be impeached and to draw attention away, bombed an aspirin factory. When they changed the flavor and sweetner, I quit drinking the Kool Aid. What is the devotion to the Kool Aid so many have? Its just a beverage. One is allowed to change their minds. It’s called evolution. Isn’t evolution something liberals are fond of?