1. d. knapp on December 28, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    This attitude from a crowd that believes bullies should be negotiated w/ and given equal treatment w/ the bullied.In school a trouble maker can attack all day and know he will not be countered, ANY attempt to defend one’s self physically will see the bully’s victim suspended. After a couple of these, one can forget acceptance to a good college.

    Meanwhile, the thug isn’t concerned w/ higher education; so they have no reason to restrain their nasty proclivities. The other kids just are expected to suck it up.
    Even retaliation off campus will see the bullied suspended.

    People who don’t have to deal w/ this stuff hand down policies others have to deal with. They tell Israel how to deal w/ a problem others don’t have to deal with. People in ivory towers should come out now and then and spend some time on a play ground. They’ll learn more about the world the ivy league life doesn’t talk about.

    The rest of us either learned of bullying and how to deal w/ it or at lest saw it. Play ground or world stage….a bully”s a bully, and there’s only one way to deal w/ it. Time after time I tried to ignore bullies. After being fed up and doing what NO ONE expected, I managed to have some peace.

    The saying that bullies leave you alone if you give them a reason to was shown to be true EVERY TIME, but libs STILL think one should not retaliate.

    I heard it said that “if Palestine puts down arms, there will be no war in the middle east. If Israel does there will be no Israel.” Nothing I’ve seen of the Palestinians disputes this.

    If the world wants to send troops to protect Israel and take the casualties, THEN they can run their mouths. Until then, I’d like to see the only democracy in the middle east treated more civilly than the nations that support blood lust and genocide under dictators. Guess I can hop off the ole’ soap box now.

    • quinersdiner on December 28, 2016 at 6:24 pm

      I have to agree. Thanks for taking the soap box.