Obama’s final report card using numbers crunched by the Obama Government


The year is 2009. Barack Obama has just been sworn in as President of the United States. Let us imagine his response if a slobbering reporter, let’s say Wolf Blitzer, posed this hypothetical question:

“Mr. President, let us assume you serve two terms. When you leave office in January of 2017, will you have considered your presidency to be successful if you double the national debt, shrink the labor force by 3%, decrease income for the middle class, increase the price of health insurance by 150%, add more than 10 million people to the food stamp welfare rolls, and driven an additional 7 million people into poverty?”

I can imagine Mr. Obama’s response:

“Wolf, I can see the twinkle in your eyes! If that’s the low bar you’re setting for my presidency, then I have no where to go but up. But getting serious here, my program will create good, high paying jobs, cut health insurance premiums by $2500 per family, and free millions from poverty. ANY president who produced results like you’ve suggested would be a failure, and frankly, I couldn’t even imagine such a president winning reelection in the first place.”

I found the info above on Facebook. A gentleman commented that he showed the data to his liberal office workers. Here are the comments he got back:

“I showed this to some liberal office mates. The first response was that it’s Bush’s fault. The second was this is all made up. The third was that it’s Trump’s fault.”

Are we better off after eight years of Barack Obama? Let his own numbers speak for themselves.

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  1. d. knapp on January 22, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    but remember that THIS is the dream for much of the left and elites. This is a great report card if one doesnt want people free to determine their own outcomes.