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  1. d. knapp on February 11, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    So many throw WWJD around like it’s a political slogan. I never quite knew what He would do, until I saw a woman ask her daughter for help to bring her (the older) husband’s exwife to her home to care for the ex as she died of cancer, as the dying woman’s adult kids would not properly care for her. The 1st woman,her husband and daughter cared for the husband’s dying ex as if they were being honored to do it. I was the 1st woman’s daughter. It wasn’t something I wanted to do but could never refuse my mom anything. It was doing this hard thing w/ my mom and step dad (he was my dad in every way and was adored) that I learned the true joys of Christianity and WWJD. Taking the path of love is sometimes counter to our feelings,but we learn from it. It was this time that showed me how to be a real Christian and that I was sure I wanted to be an RN. It is in following the examples of people like my deceased mom and dad that we learn who we must be to be fit live in Heaven. Take care of even those who have abused you and do it w/ joy and love. I hope you don’t mind a trip down memory lane, but I really felt this was something that gives a tangible example to such an expansive idea of love.

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