1. Well. Another government intervention gone awry. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Of course. Any time we have liberal government workers just sitting around, trying to figure out how to mess up this nation, they do succeed. They have never seen anything that works, that they perceive as broken and in need of fixing. That’s why I quit working for the government after 9 years of pure frustration, and decided to go private. I agree with you, Tom. Leave it up to the individual states.

  2. Congress should abolish the federal minimum remuneration and leave it up to item-by-item states, who can better recognize the economical wallop based on local toll of aliveness standards.
    It’s like the honest-to-god proverb says, “The route to snake pit is paved with full intentions.

  3. I have b/c jaded in my old age. I wonder if the $15/hr thing wasnt a way to create yet MORE welfare dependent people.What better way to ensure that low skilled people who prefer work arent able to and must give up their pride and take the gvt check instead of the preferred paycheck? In my clan, we preferred to work for our meager slice of pie than be on the dole…even when the dole would allow us to live a little better standard of living.

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    • Congress should abolish the federal minimum wage and leave it up to individual states, who can better discern the economic impact based on local cost of living standards.

  5. Everything liberals do makes sense as long as you understand their motivation.
    It’s not about the effect their policies have on the people they want to help, it’s about how implementing those policies make them feel about themselves.
    It’s like the old proverb says, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

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