By Tom Quiner

A shocking number of people watched President Trump’s State of the Union address.

He didn’t just set rating records, he smashed them to smithereens. The old record for cable television was 6.5 million viewers; Trump pulled 11.7 million viewers.

Even more, his speech garnered high marks.

• 97% of Republicans gave it thumbs up, which is amazing considering how many didn’t vote for Trump.

• 72% of Independents like the speech.

• And amazingly, even 43% of Democrats like it.

It would be hard not to, as he presented such good news on national and international fronts. President Trump may not have much going for him in the character department, but his policies are working.

Normal people feel it and appreciate it. They like seeing jobs created. They like getting pay raises. They like seeing ISIS get destroyed.

Abnormal people, on the other hand, don’t appreciate all this good news. I’m talking about all of the glum-faced Democratic Congressmen and women who scowled through the president’s entire address.

I’m talking about the likes of Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez who bolted the room upon hearing jubilant chants of “USA, USA, USA!”

Normal people can’t help but be excited about good news for their country. The Democratic power structure, on the other hand, appear to embrace an entirely different mantra, perhaps best characterized as, “Make America mediocre again.”



  1. lburleso on February 2, 2018 at 8:56 am

    Fun yet accurate commentary

  2. d. knapp on February 3, 2018 at 9:50 am

    75% of viewers approved of the speech. That was across all party lines, and STILL the MSM talking heads were down on it like it was the worst ever heard. The elitist left needs to be careful. They are moving too far away from the side of the room almost everyone but Antifa is in. I hate to tell them that you cant win elections w/ only Antifa and the illegals that are illegally voting. They’re sticking fingers in the eyes of virtually all other typically democrat voting folks. But it works for me. So I hope they keep it up.

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