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the Heartbeat Bill

State Capitol Building, Iowa

When does human life begin? Scientists state the obvious that it begins at conception. Even pro abortion advocates agree, as you can see in the video below.

An adult, a teenager, a child, an infant, a fetus, an embryo, a blastocyst, and a zygote are all human beings at different stages of development. The culture divides over who is deserving of 14th Amendment protections. Some politicians suggest that the zygote, blastocyst, embryo, and fetus should have no human rights whatsoever, despite the acknowledgement of their humanity.

Some of these same politicians even honestly refer to the baby in the womb as an “infant.”  Nonetheless, they support “human” abortion. (The word human is an important descriptor for an act that ends a human life.)

Fetal pain bill passed last year

Last year, the Iowa Legislature passed a law which provided legal protections at the stage when a fetus can feel pain, which is at the 2oth week. The rationale is that it is inhumane to kill another person in a cruel and intentionally painful manner. Human abortion subjects them to excruciating pain. We don’t even subject murderers on death row to this kind of treatment. The fetal pain bill remedied this injustice.

The Heartbeat Bill

This year, the Iowa legislature proposes to extend human rights protections to the preborn at the stage when a heartbeat is first detected. This occurs around the 5th week after her conception.

The proposed legislation is simply called the Heartbeat Bill, or SSB 3143 as it is designated by the legislature. Here’s an excerpt: [continue reading here].

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